About Kitty Cat Hotel Eugene

Cat Sitting and Boarding House Facility in Eugene, Oregon

Kitty Cat Hotel is a privately owned and operated cat sitting and boarding facility in Eugene, Oregon. We have thirteen climate controlled custom made rooms, most being approximately 4’x4’x8′, the largest 4’x8’x8′. Our two largest rooms will efficiently serve the needs of a small loving family of cats. Our feline guests can climb steps to reach perches, most of which have an exterior view.

All of our rooms are equipped with water and food dishes, clean, soft cushy beds, well-maintained litter boxes, exciting toys, and dark, quiet hiding places. Meals are provided from our supply of dry cat food or can be prepared from meals supplied by our guest’s family.  Kitty Cat Hotel boarding services are available for short or long term occupancy.

Please call today to make a reservation. We appreciate that you consider our cat boarding facility. Please feel free to call and come check out our facilities. We want all bookings to be confirmed to make sure we have space for your kitty.

Thank you. We look forward to meeting you!


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3537 Hawthorne Ave


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